RECIPE: Almond Crusted Cod with Lemon and Garlic

I am about to toot my own horn because this turned out amazing!  After buying some gorgeous Cod from Wild Alaskan I was searching for something fun and new to do with it that would feel decadent but still be a clean and healthful meal. After reading a ton of recipes online, and digging through my pantry, I came up with this easy meal that was ready in under 30 minutes! I made it in the air fryer but you could also do this in the oven on parchment paper.  It was delicious over a kale salad with lemon vinaigrette and was so incredibly filling and delicious. 

I can't recommend Wild Alaskan highly enough. Finding clean, wild-caught seafood is a nightmare. All of their seafood is wild-caught from sustainably-managed fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  I started a subscription last month and have found the quality of their salmon and cod to be unparalleled.  It's like having a fishmonger deliver.  Use this link for $25 off your first box.

Cod is a thick, meaty white fish and not particularly "fishy" for those who don't want the flavor or a smelly kitchen! We like it because cod it's loaded with protein (19 grams in a 3 oz serving!) and vitamin B12, B6 and niacin.  Also, cod is a lower mercury fish than its some of its counterparts like swordfish and mackerel.

If you don't get it delivered, what should you look for when buying cod? We always check Seafood Watch to find out what to look for for clean, sustainable seafood.  Their recommendations for buying clean cod say to look for Pacific cod from Alaska which is why Wild Alaskan is a great option.  There is a long list of cod to avoid, specifically from Newfoundland, the Atlantic Ocean near Maine, Russia and Japan.  

This recipe is gluten and grain free, paleo, and positively delicious! I had it on the table in 30 minutes which makes it a perfect weeknight option!


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