What to Expect- Start to Finish

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What to Expect- From Start to Finish

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Check out on our website with your program of choice. After we receive payment we will send you a link to our Program agreement which contains a mutual non disclosure agreement, and waiver of liability as well as our client intake form.
2-3 Days Prior to Start
2-3 days prior to start you will receive your first program booklet, RESET.  In it you will find:
  • Shopping Lists
  • Meal Guidelines
  • Recipes
  • Expectations for your Accountability
  • Tips to be Successful

We will reach out the weekend prior to your start date to make sure you're prepped and ready to go.  We can answer questions as you navigate the grocery store, help you purge your pantry of trigger items and meal prep for your first week
Day 1-10: RESET
We start all new clients on a Monday, and we are careful to limit our number of new clients each week.

The first ten days of the program, known as RESET, are the most rigorous. We stay in close contact with you, particularly the first three days, as we monitor your progress. We check in on all aspects of your wellness- weight, digestion, energy, mood, and more.

Each morning you'll start your day with a text from us asking for your weight and how you slept.  You'll keep us posted throughout the day with proof of your meals, workouts, and snacks. We help you adjust your diet as we see how your body responds to different foods.

Our coaching is done exclusively over text and email, we do not conduct client calls or have in-person visits as part of our accountability program.  This enables us to be responsive to all of our clients 7 days a week from breakfast through bedtime. 
Day 11-38: EVOLVE
In the second phase, EVOLVE, a few new food items are introduced, but this is still a rigorous part of the program. 

The good news is you are able to have a treat meal once a week, and may include alcohol or a reasonable indulgence that we work with you to plan ahead of time. Simply let us know what restaurant you'd like to go to and we will review the menu and give you some delicious and healthy options.
Day 39-Goal : ADAPT
Our third phase, ADAPT introduces the most new food options. This is the time where we closely monitor how your body responds to additional foods to find out what works for you unique bio-individuality.

You stay on ADAPT until you reach your goal at which point we will provide you with our LIVE booklet, or guidance on how to eat to maintain your goal for life!

Congratulations! You have completed your program and gained newfound knowledge of how to nourish your body.  So what's next?

We recommend that clients stay on with us for a minimum of one month once they have met their goal so they can be certain they maintain their success. 

Once your program is complete, you may extend your Premium support on a month-to-month basis, paying the monthly rate. Many clients have been with us for a year or more, as they find the support to be key in their wellness journey.

If you find yourself sliding into bad habits we are ALWAYS here for you.  Clients who have completed our 8-week program or more have the option to return at any time and pay only the monthly rate. Many opt to do a month ad hoc over the holidays or when returning from vacation.  You always know where to find us!

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