Headed to a Party?

We know your calendars are packed! Every week our clients are at birthdays, business dinners, family celebrations, weddings and more. We get that it's often difficult to navigate enjoying a full life without derailing your progress and that you want to enjoy these events- not stress about their impact. Luckily we've pulled together a few resources to help-


Our blogs on How to Avoid Social Food Pressure, and What is a Mindful Indulgence are both helpful resources as you head into events as well!


REMEMBER- It is ALWAYS best to go off-phase rather than Off-Plan! We never recommend gluten, dairy, grains refined sugar, or grains in weight loss mode. So, for example, when confronted with limited choices we'd rather you choose some roast potatoes over low-fat yogurt and granola.


Most importantly, if you slip and have something off-plan do NOT declare the day a failure, and go for broke. One mistake won't be your undoing, but a bender can undo a whole week's worth of work.


Your other meals that day should be light and on plan. That said, before heading to a partyyou should eat something so you don't head into it starving. An apple with a tbsp of nut butter, a small salad with healthy fat, or a bowl of soup are great options.


If someone is hosting and you are able to bring something to the gathering, bring a compliant and delicious dish you know you'll enjoy. A salad with grilled protein, a cleaned-up dessert option- we are always available to help you find the perfect recipe!


If it is an event where you're able to order or indicate dietary preferences please indicate gluten and dairy free- (not vegan or you run the risk of a very starchy dish). If you're able to select your meal opt for the simplest protein with vegetables.



  • Crudités or roast veggies (go easy on the dips! Nothing creamy and limit hummus and guacamole to 2 tbsp)
  • Mixed nuts- be mindful of portion and avoid any glazed or sugared mixes
  • Fruit trays
  • Seafood cocktail (easy on the cocktail sauce or avoid altogether),
  • Tuna/yellowtail/salmon tartare
  • Mixed olives
  • Chicken/beef satay (or any skewered meat/seafood), skip the dip.
  • Deviled eggs- limit to 2 as they contain traditional mayonnaise which is off-plan
  • Mini-meatballs (avoid the sauce).
  • Dairy-free soups like turkey chili, vegan butternut squash and pumpkin soup, gazpacho, etc.
  • Simple proteins like roast chicken or fish
  • Green Salads- avoid dried fruit, croutons, cheese and sugared nuts
  • Roast vegetable dishes


  • Simple egg dishes without cheese or dairy. Boiled is safest as scrambled and quiches often add heavy cream and cheese. If you can avoid the crust of a quiche, that's best.
  • Fruit. Even off-phase fruit (like grapes or watermelon) is preferable to french toast
  • Vegetable dishes and salads
  • Smoked salmon with capers, onion and tomato (skip the bagel!)


  • Anything wrapped in dough/phyllo/pastry etc, tartlets/quiches
  • Cheese/cracker boards, minus the fruit and nuts!
  • Crostini
  • Heavy appetizers like Stuffed mushrooms, bacon-wrapped dates, jalapeño poppers, chicken tenders, etc.
  • Dried fruits (including cranberries and raisins in salads)
  • Dairy-based dips/spreads (ie/sour cream, cream cheese + ranch)
  • Anything deep-fried or glazed
  • Casseroles with creamy sauces
  • Baked goods, muffins, pastries or donuts, etc



  • Choose a clear liquor like tequila or vodka with soda and lime.
  • Alternate between your beverage and a glass of water/seltzer



  • Avoid it if you can. If there's a particular favorite or family tradition serve yourself half of your typical portion, and make sure to eat it sitting down, served nicely on a plate. Never eat it standing up or out of the pie dish
  • If you choose to go off-plan keep it simple. Choose gluten *or* dairy not both!

But most importantly- enjoy yourself, enjoy the company you're with and indulge mindfully!

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