RECIPE: “Not Your Grandma’s” Turkey-Spinach Meatballs

In honor of National Pasta Day this past Thursday (October 17th—mark your calendars for next year in case you missed it!), we posted a picture of one of our favorite ways to enjoy this Italian-American dinnertime staple: homemade turkey-spinach meatballs over zoodles and red lentil spaghetti, and tossed with a bit of paleo-friendly marinara. We had so many requests for the meatballs recipe (ironically the “pasta” took the backseat in the post!) so here it is.  I have modified and adapted this recipe several times over the past nine years, until the whole family agreed upon this version as the winner.  Note—this recipe can also double as “turkey burgers” served over a bed of greens or in a grainless bun, or be made vegetarian by substituting Beyond Meat Ground “Beef” for ground turkey. We would love to hear your favorite way to enjoy



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