Set Yourself Up for Success

A Nightly Checklist for a Healthy Morning

We all have rituals and habits that help keep us on track. I’m a morning person, but I like to enjoy my mornings- not rush around feeling swept up in chaos. In order to ensure my morning is productive and not frenetic, I do as much as I possibly can the night before. With a little planning and prep, you can make sure your day is set to be a healthy one!

Here’s what I do every night…

  • Set up coffee to be ready for the morning in my Toddy cold brew coffee maker
  • Pack some celery and almond butter, and an apple for my purse. I like Sistema containers for snacks on the go.
  • Chop peppers, onions, mushrooms and spinach for my morning omelette. I put them in a small container in the fridge, and am able to make an omelette in under six minutes!
  • Check the weather and plan my workout – if it’s nice and I want to run outside, I’ll plan a route.
  • If it’s a gym day, I’ll pack my gym bag with clothes for the day and put it in my car. My new favorite gym bag is by Dagne Dover- it’s the only one I’ve found that can hold everything!
  • If it’s a kids’ activity day I pack a small cooler of snacks for after school – fruits, veggies, crackers and plenty of extra water.
  • Fill my Cacktaki water bottle and add some freshly sliced lemon
  • Set my alarm- I wake up pretty early, usually between 5:30 and 6. I function best when I have some time to myself in the morning before the family wakes up.
  • Lay out my gym clothes
  • Set out my Apple Cider Vinegar for my morning ACV shot
  • Get the kids set for the morning- laying out their clothes, packing lunch, packing up backpacks and putting everything by the door.

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