21 Techniques for Dealing with Food Cravings


  1. LEAVE- get out of the kitchen, get up from the table, walk away from the buffet, etc.
  2. DISRUPT the behavior. Many bad habits are almost on auto-pilot- you put the kids to bed and sit down with a glass of wine and some chocolate. To re-wire your brain you need to disrupt the pattern by radically changing your triggers. After you put the kids to bed, DON’T go downstairs- draw yourself a bubble bath, meditate, call a friend.
  3. CONFUSE your brain. Studies have shown that mindless eating can be disrupted by something as simple as eating with your non-dominant hand. Or try eating with chopsticks! Anything that slows you down and forces you to be thoughtful.
  4. DELAY the craving. Set a timer for 15 minutes and go do something else. Chances are by the time the timer passes the craving will have subsided.
  5. HYDRATE with a large glass of lemon water- your body can confuse thirst for hunger.
  6. CURB the craving! Drink a green tea with a little stevia or a Golden Milk latte.
  7. REMEMBER the food isn’t going anywhere. Right now, you are resetting your system, getting healthier and losing weight. Some foods can derail that process and need to be eliminated for now. When you’ve reset your habits and reached your goals, you will be able to incorporate more planned indulgences. Work on YOU now- the food will still be there.
  8. FILL UP on raw veggies, or a sweet apple if you have not yet had your fruit snack
  9. CLEAR IT OUT. Sometimes a party or holiday can leave you with excess food in the house. Give away any temptations to a local food bank, or kid’s class. Local firehouses and EMT squads are usually grateful for the treats. Get them out of the house.
  10. FOOD PREP. Wash, peel and prep as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can, so they are at the ready for whenever the urge to munch strikes.
  11. DISTRACT yourself and busy your hands! Turn on the TV, pick up some knitting, fold some laundry, pickup a coloring book, catch up on emails- whatever keeps you from munching.
  12. JOURNAL about how you’re feeling. Often anxiety, frustration or fear and manifest in cravings. Getting the feelings out!
  13. EDUCATE yourself about the negative effects of sugar in the body- including increased risk of diabetes, cancer and premature aging! Think about how awful you’ll feel if you eat something that isn’t good for your body or energy.
  14. CONNECT with a friend or loved one. We often eat when we are lonely or stressed- texting a friend can help calm the urge.
  15. MAKE A FIST. Literally clenching your hands can strengthen your resolve.
  16. PRACTICE self-care. Give yourself a manicure, a facial, or good stretch. Anything that makes you feel like you’re taking care of yourself.
  17. WALK OUTSIDE and breathe. Fresh air can stimulate your senses and refresh you.
  18. BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Freshening your mouth signals to your brain that you’re done eating.
  19. TRY TAPPING. Research has shown that tapping the center of your forehead for 30 seconds can significantly reduce cravings.
  20. FANTASIZE about how you’ll feel when you reach your health goals. Picture yourself running in the sunshine, slipping into those jeans that don’t fit, or waking up refreshed and full of energy.
  21. TREAT YOUR FOOD WITH RESPECT. When you do eat, treat it with the respect it deserves. Set the table, eat on a real plate and never eat standing up or in the car. Never eat out of a box or carton- food should always be in a bowl or on a plate.


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