Why am I NOT Losing Weight?

When kicking off RESET, typically clients are full of enthusiasm.  The weight its flying off and they're motivated to stay the course. Then, a few weeks in, when weight loss starts to slow.  Motivation starts to wane, and they begin to wonder, "Can I do this and is it worth it?"


The reality is the process of losing weight is incredibly difficult. You have to be very consistent, disciplined and committed.  Yes, once you are at your goal you have *a little* more wiggle room, but when in weight loss mode you need to follow the program as written if you want results. We have helped hundreds lose thousands of pounds, and here is what we have learned about clients who are not losing as quickly as they would hope. 


Typically clients who are not losing 1-2 lbs a week when working with us are either-


1)  Going off the program (eating gluten, refined sugar, grains or dairy)- either in a small way often ("termite bites" and nibbles) or once a week in a big way (having pizza and fries at a party). If you choose to go for a treat it is always best to choose something off-phase rather than off plan.  i.e. a serving of homemade air-fried sweet potato fries over a slice of pizza. 


2)  Lying- Yes, we know clients lie to us and we can typically tell. Whether it's sending a zoomed-in photo to show the on-plan part of a meal, claiming you didn't eat the cheese when you did, sending old photos (yes, we can check), or failing to mention the cake you split after dinner- clients do lie. We will save you the lecture on integrity, but we will say this- you are an adult and you get to decide what to eat. Own your choices, but know that they will affect your progress dramatically.  Also, you're paying for our help, and we can't help you without true and honest visibility into where you are struggling. 


3)  Consuming more than 2 alcoholic beverages a week or not measuring their alcohol.  A typical restaurant pour is 1.5-2 servings. 


4) Not souping at all. Yes, soup isn't always the most appealing option, but it does provide a filling and nutritious meal that aids weight loss and is easy on digestion. 


5) Not measuring portions, particularly of nuts, protein, or fats. Stick to the portions as written for protein, avocado, nuts, etc. There is no calorie counting or restriction on this diet-  feel free to go crazy with veggies. 


6) Menopausal, Perimenopausal, or suffering from thyroid or hormone issues. Ladies, listen up for some harsh reality- losing weight after menopause is VERY difficult.  Changes in estrogen levels lead to additional fat storage, and loss of muscle mass decreases basal metabolic rate.  If you are pre-menopausal, make sure you get your habits in control now, and if you are post-menopausal know that you can lose weight, it just comes off more slowly.


7) On medication that makes weight loss challenging- typically antidepressants or fertility medication.  There's not much you can do, as that is a known side effect of these medications, but just know that it does make the weight loss slower.  It will happen, but it's a factor in your rate.


We love supporting our clients in their journey, and we know it's not an easy path. Tell us where you are struggling, and lean on us for support. Yes, this is hard, but it gets easier, and you can do it.


In Good Health,

Robyn, Megan and the Sugar Snap Shift Team

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