Why Sugar Snap Shift? What's behind our new name and new look?

It's not even July and already 2020 has been one for the books! While none of us could have ever anticipated a global pandemic, we were fortunate that so many people used this public health crisis as a chance to focus on their own health, and as a result, our business has grown exponentially over the past year.  

We've made a lot of changes, though our philosophy remains the same: holding clients accountable and helping them make a lifelong shift to a diet of real, whole foods. Our two core programs: The Ten Week Total Transformation and 28 Day Tune Up are still the foundation of our business, but with fresh new program booklets and new recipes to try.  We also tested some short term programs over the holidays and during quarantine. These mini programs helped clients avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating during stressful times, and in all cases they even lost weight! We created a men's program, and enjoyed helping male clients and even couples adopt a healthy way of life together. We also got fresh new photography from the lovely and talented Kelly Mariconda that you'll see throughout our site.

We've been up to a lot lately, and so it was a good time for a little spring makeover! Formerly RM Health and Wellness, we now have a new brand and new look that better represents where our brand is and where it's going in the years to come- Sugar Snap Shift. 


What's Behind the Name, Sugar Snap Shift?  

BREAK UP WITH SUGAR:  Throughout our program, we help you cut out the processed, added sugars that most likely make up close to 20% of your dietary intake.  We help you get rid of the physical and psychological addictions that this “other white powder” create, and permanently change your relationship with refined sugars. Studies show that sugar is actually as addictive as cocaine, and it is far and away the number one contributor to obesity and type 2 diabetes. It goes beyond just sugar though. During our phased approach you will eliminate many of the usual suspects that sludge up our bodies ultimately leading to digestive issues, inflammation, weight gain and disease.


SNAP OUT OF OLD HABITS: In our program, you learn to snap out of old habits that no longer serve you. Ever heard of the “21/90 rule”?. This rule is based on studies showing that if you commit to a goal with conscious and consistent effort for 21 straight days, you can break an addiction and create a new habit.  However, it takes an average of 3 times that long – 66 days to be precise – for that new habit to become engrained. That may sound long at first, but in the scheme of life, what is a few months when it comes to taking control of your health and start looking and feeling your radiant best? Our “10 Week Total Transformation” Program is designed expressly for this purpose—to make sure you break the cycle of unhealthy cravings and say goodbye to yo-yo dieting…for good.


SHIFT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD: Not only will you snap out of old habits and addictions that never served you, you will shift your thinking and attitude towards what “healthy eating” really looks and feels like. The word “Diet” as noun just means “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. However, far more often we use this word as a verb, meaning “to temporarily restrict yourself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight”. Because we associate diets with deprivation and suffering, 95% of mass-marketed, impersonal diets will, simply put, FAIL.  

We help you ditch the diet mentality and make a permanent shift to a sustainable change. In our program, you will start off simply, and gradually and purposefully re-introduce foods so we can see how your body responds and adjust accordingly. And though certain foods are generally avoided, we provide plenty of variety to make sure your meals are creative, exciting and delicious. We don't do depressing diets! You'll discover which food groups make you look and feel your absolute best, and turn your old ideas about a healthy diet on their head. Over the course of our program, you'll create a lifestyle transformation that you never imagined possible.


Beyond a new name, in the months to come you'll see more from us - more recipes, more program options, more engagement in social media.  We're focusing on family recipes and will bring you some "Sugar Snap Kids" ideas so you can help your whole family eat more healthfully.  This new name and new site are just the first steps in many exciting things to come! 

In Good Health,
Megan + Robyn


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