Why Tequila Takes the Gold Medal

OK…we certainly aren’t the hardest partiers, but like most people, we do enjoy a nice evening out with friends, date-night with the hubs, vacations and long weekends away, and really any special occasion or celebratory event. And for better or worse, alcohol is almost always a player in some capacity.  That said, we have both always had a very low tolerance for any type of alcohol, and once we hit 40 (within a few months of each other), we found our ability to metabolize drinks plummeted even more.  Even two wine spritzers or diluted cocktails would lead to terrible headaches or nausea (or both), and an even worse night’s sleep.  It almost became preferable to abstain altogether rather than running the risk of being “overserved” and waking up miserable the next day.  Luckily, we discovered Casamigos blanco tequila, which is a super-clean clear tequila made from 100% Blue Weber agave and purified water from the brand’s own well. It has no funky additives or impurities, and is gluten-free, so we never wake up feeling ill, sluggish or hungover the next day.  

Furthermore, according to research, there are actually several known health benefits to moderate consumption of high-quality, 100%-agave tequila:

  1. Promotes healthy bones: The blue weber agave plant (the plant from which tequila is made) contains substances that assist with the absorption of magnesium and calcium, two essential minerals for bone health. This can be very beneficial to women in particular as our bones become brittle and lose density much more quickly than men as we age.
  2. Good for digestion: Tequila contains insulin which helps promote the growth of good bacteria, aid in digestion, and boost metabolism. 
  3. Lowers cholesterol & blood glucose: Agavins (the plant’s naturally occurring sugars) contain fiber and are indigestible by humans so actually help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels—hence, potentially linking tequila to weight loss and reduced risk of diabetes as well. 
  4. Boosts immune system: Fructans (a polymer of fructose molecules) in tequila are natural probiotics which support healthy immune function and gut bacteria.
  5. Promotes relaxation: It helps to calm nerves, reduce anxiety and induce a restful night’s sleep.
  6. Prevents dementia: Moderate consumption of tequila increases production of endorphins which boosts the mood, and may also decrease the risk of developing neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

In a nutshell, if you enjoy moderate, social consumption of alcohol (and are over the age of 21!), but are also concerned about the health risks/benefits, then we highly recommend making tequila your beverage of choice.  Always choose a high-quality, blanco tequila made from 100% agave (our go-to: Casamigos), and sip responsibly. Salud!

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