Meet the Founders

Megan Zimak and Robyn Schmidt first discussed the idea of their partnership at (of all things) a cookie swap party in 2018.  Three months later, over salads at Chopt, they formed Sugar Snap Shift. 

Almost four years later, Robyn and Megan have helped hundreds of men and women lose thousands of pounds and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Supported by a great team of coaches, SSS has been on an amazing journey of helping people become their best selves and continues to grow.

Robyn has a background in technology and product development, having worked for both Microsoft and Amazon. When she became a mom she left the corporate world, but launching Sugar Snap Shift has enabled her to combine her love of helping others, with her interest in business and technology.   In addition to coaching clients, Robyn is the SSS technology department and marketing team.  She built and maintains our website and app, creates client materials and emails, and manages the company's social media and affiliate partnerships.  

Megan was a competitive dancer her whole life who left a career in the luxury beauty industry when she became a health coach.  At Sugar Snap Shift in addition to coaching clients,  Megan serves as our sales team- speaking with prospective clients who want to learn more about the program.  Megan also handles our day-to-day client onboarding and management- ensuring they move through our phased program. 

We look forward to the continued growth of Sugar Snap Shift, as we expand our team and serve more men and women in their wellness journeys. 


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