Lost 26 LBS- Graduated May 2023

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Customer Success Story: Rebecca,



Easy, Fun, Empowering

What was the most surprising thing you learned or experienced during the program? 

That I am actually able to lose weight. My body is not broken. That weighing every morning, once you get past the fear factor, is great information to know what your weight gain triggers are. I had no idea what things my body reacted to previously. I learned I am very capable, in control and beautiful. My self confidence returned, I liked dressing again. I was no longer afraid of the mirror at the gym and when I do catch a glimpse of myself or see a picture I am no longer thinking "ugh".  


Everything. I have a very different approach to eating now- One that my body likes a lot better. I enjoy my prep days, and I enjoy eating whole foods. I stopped eating protein bars and granola bars, and veggie junk food. I learned a lot about foods that my body reacts to, and causes me to gain weight. I do not have cravings, they stopped within the first week. I have a lot of willpower to not eat what is going to cause my weight to increase. I put more effort into my nutrition and my family's nutrition. I have inspired friends and family around me. I feel so good in my skin, where before I felt just so awkward and had nothing to wear. I am not afraid of social occasions any longer, I know I can navigate them with ease. I am much more aware of what people do to sabotage their weight loss.   

What did you like best about the program?

The Coaching and the booklets. The coaches really helped every step of the way. They helped me during the reset, when one is trying to establish completely new habits. They helped preview menus ahead of time, so when I got to a restuarant I had already chosen something.  Knowing I was accountable kept me honest. Once the habits were set, it became quite easy to keep them. 

Why do you think this program worked for you?

Very upbeat approach to a lifestyle and very clear guidelines. I like actually that there's not a cheat day, I find that programs that have a lot of cheats built in are slippery slopes, where I suddenly find myself in a vat of ice cream. 

It completely changed my mindset from a calorie perspective, to a blood sugar perspective. It made me stop and take time to prepare for my nutrition, and it taught me to advocate for myself (while also learning that I could do that in a way that did not make it "all about me") They helped me to figure out how to navigate special occasions and a lot of travel, which are both very challenging.  


Eating on plan while traveling to see colleges with my high schooler was challenging. But I learned how to stay on plan. Learning the program was not hard. I did not have to exercise like crazy, that part was quite surprising. I shifted to prioritizing weight lifting, which toned my body. The weight coming off was actually quite easy-surprisingly easy. I love that there is no calorie counting, it is an intuitive process that you learn, so by the end you just know what you can eat. It is a more natural way to live. There were plateaus and then I would drop again. The coaches helped me to not get discouraged during the plateaus. They were great cheerleaders, making me feel successful before I was successful, which was so important. They always said "you got this" and eventually I did "get it". And I am still losing weight even while on maintenance. For me, this is a lifetime change. I will always abide by their program, introducing new foods again, slowly and carefully. But always a Sugar Snap Shift Gal. I am not going back to the frustration, lethargy and low self esteem I had previously. 


TRUST-you must just give your trust into the process. Whatever they tell you to do-do it. I was worried about the cost, but it's been the best investment I could have made. I didn't know how to feed myself. This was the most empowering thing I could have done. When I went to a post operation check up with my surgeon, I had taken off 20 lbs in three months and three sizes, I was back to a healthy weight. My clothing was all falling off me, and I went into my old clothing, to find something to wear. These ladies Robyn, Megan and Zakkiya are so experienced and knowledgeable. I was good about reporting, and that kept me honest. Have fun with it, this is the road to a new you. Don't announce to the world what you are doing, just do it, quitely. Everyone seems to notice my weight loss, and they ask what I am doing, but I did it without fanfare.