How We “Do” Our Daily Joe

A question we frequently get asked at RMHW is “how do you take your coffee”? That’s a tricky one because it’s honestly constantly changing, but at the moment, this is what we have going on:

We start with a can of cold-brew “High Brew Bold + Black”—it is just so rich and velvety, with no added sugar or dairy, only ten calories, and 70% less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee.  We then add a splash of non-dairy milk (current faves are Whole Foods 365 Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and Milkadamia Unsweetened Original or Vanilla Macadamia Milk), a teaspoon of Garden of Life MCT Oil, and a small scoop of Vital Proteins Mocha Collagen Creamer.

Now most of us know the benefits of plant milk (as opposed to dairy milks), but let’s talk for a minute about MCT Oil and Vital Collagen Creamer.  These each actually warrant their own rightful blog posts, but I’ll mention a few key science-backed benefits to both right now.

MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) are easily digested fats frequently extracted from coconuts.  MCT is a powerful “superfood” largely lacking in the typical Western diet, so adding a teaspoon-tablespoon of this flavorless oil to your coffee is a super-simple way to derive all the incredible benefits of this “brain fuel” each day. Not only is it “Brain Octane” (as it’s commonly referred to) though; in addition to strengthening the gut, improving heart + brain health, fighting yeast + bacterial infections, and possibly helping to manage blood glucose levels, it’s also known for appetite suppression and rapid weight loss! Sign us up!

Ok, so what about collagen creamer? Is it really necessary as well? In our opinion, YES. As we age, and especially as we approach menopause (even pre-menopause), the health of our joints, hair, skin and nails steadily declines.  We can help to off-set this with a healthy well-balanced diet, plenty of conditioning exercises and stretching, and taking our daily dose of multi-vitamins and minerals.  However, our bodies cannot produce collagen on their own and our diets typically contain very minimal amounts.  By adding just 1 scoop of this “creamer” to your coffee, not only are you enhancing the flavor of your joe, you’re also improving the tone and elasticity of your skin, strengthening your hair and nails, and enhancing the health of your joints, bones and cartilage.  Sounds like another win to me J

Of course I realize this all sounds a bit time-consuming (especially when you’ve got 5,001 things to do before 8:10am) so I recommend whipping it all together in a mini-blender and refrigerating the night before so it’s ready to go the moment you come downstairs in the morning.  I promise, it tastes absolutely delightful and contains so many amazing health benefits, so it’s 100% worth the extra five minutes of your time.  Plus, knowing you’re actually benefiting your mind and body as you sip is a gloriously uplifting thing. 

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